Apply what you have already learned in the feel stage—learning by doing. Food is about finding practical and relevant products and/or services for your gestational stage or your child’s age. From online courses and 1-on-1 consultations to baby food, feeding accessories, and many many more!
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Linda Haane

Registered Pediatric Dietitian | Mompreneur | German 

 I have been advising parents in workshops and 1-on-1s for several years and have discovered that every child is different. I share universal tips and tricks as well as interesting facts about the start of complementary feeding in my cookbooks and workshops.

From Germany

Eat Healthy from the Tummy

Focus: Healthy diet from pregnancy, healthy infant nutrition (complementary feeding), toddler nutrition.

Products and services: 1-on-1s, online workshops, cookbooks.

Target group: Parents, moms, kids 0-18 yo.

Keywords: Baby food, baby feeding, starting on solids, toddler food, toddler nutrition, healthy pregnancy, complementary feeding.

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