About Us

We always dreamed of creating a business for the benefit of the community. We believe in the power of collaborative work and that this is the way to generate global change. Also, we share a deep interest in nutrition and education. We believe in the benefits of feeding (and eating) in a framework of affection and respect, being responsive to the child’s cues of hunger and satiety—responsive feeding. We also believe that the eating journey should be understood as a learning process that promotes the acquisition of key skills and mindsets for the future from early life. Therefore, parents should be educated on this in order to provide the adequate guidance and environment to facilitate and foster this journey.

Raising world shapers

The first 5 years of life is a key time when the foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down. So, if we teach children to think, feel and behave (take action!) by themselves in their first years of life, we will guarantee that future generations will not only be happier, but also will be able shape a better future for our planet.

The eating learning journey

We use the eating learning journey as means for the acquisitions of the key skills and mindsets necessary for achieving this, because of its importance in early childhood development and the opportunity it presents to enhance the learning process in an integral way—cultivating mind, body, and soul balance, as well as to build empathy for the planet.

Think, feel and behave

All our solutions are based on the premise that the following aspects need to be fulfilled for children to learn to think, feel and behave independently

  • Ensure healthy brain development—access to a good nutrition and physical activity.
  • Provide the right environment, as well as freedom to explore and be curious—which is influenced by parents and caregivers’ mindsets.
  • Provide guidance from parents and caregivers—as facilitators who inspire children learning.

Our Team

Co-founder | Innovation, Culture & Education

Sara is a nutrition and education enthusiast, who strongly believes in the importance of instilling independence and curiosity for learning in the first years of life, as well as in the role that nutrition plays in achieving this. She has dedicated many years of her life to understand the creative process and its significance for problem solving and learning. Her son is the main reason why she started feelfoodflow—she wants to help other parents raise open to change and creative children who can contribute to create a better world!


Innovation and change catalyst with over 5 years of experience as an agile project manager and consultant, as well as being involved in Germany’s startup scene as an author and a mentor. Studies: Bachelor’s degree in product design engineering, master’s degree in psychology of creativity, and MSc in international management.

Co-Founder | Nutrition, Content & Community

Melisa is a nutrition scientist, passionate for mother and child nutrition. She is convinced that the key to ensure and enjoy good health lies mainly on a good nutrition, especially in the impact it has on the first 1000 days of a person’s life (since conception). Food provides, beyond energy and nutrients, vital information for the proper function of the whole organism, as well as plays a crucial role for social and cognitive development. Her vocation to help others, her experience working with children of different ages, as well as her interest in nutrition have undoubtedly been her main motivation to found feelfoodflow.


Experience in food quality management at the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg e.V. in Hamburg, Germany and over 6 years of experience in childcare. Studies: Bachelor in nutrition sciences and a certification in mother and child nutrition with focus on complementary feeding.

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