Apply what you have already learned in the feel stage—learning by doing. Food is about finding practical and relevant products and/or services for your gestational stage or your child’s age. From online courses and 1-on-1 consultations to baby food, feeding accessories, and many many more!
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Kinderernährung mit Freude

Registered Pediatric Dietitian | Positive Discipline | Mompreneur | German and Portuguese

My work is to help parents understand their child, to see through the learning process around food and to improve the family relationship around meals through respectful communication. For each family according to their own reality and according to the child’s development..

From Germany

The Art of Eating Well and with Pleasure

Focus: Helping adults teach babies and toddlers to have a good relationship with food. Learning to eat, solid food introduction, blw and picky eating.

Services: Baby and toddler feeding courses.

Target group: Parents with children up to 6 yo.

Keywords: starting on solids, solid introdcution courses, complementary eating courses, baby and toddler, picky eating, blw, baby led weaning.

I am also part of the team!

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