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Great News

We are now partnering up with Evertreen and we are very excited to have started planting our first forest in Haiti

We at feelfoodflow want to contribute to reforestation because we are convinced that our relationship with the environment is key for shaping a better future for our children.

Forests are the home of a great number of diverse species of trees and animals which provide us with clean airwaterfoodenergy, and economic activities.

This is our project in Haiti

With 1% of the primary forest remaining, reforesting Haiti is more important than ever!

Would you like to help us support this important cause?

This is how it works!

Your tree will start absorbing CO2, protecting the soil and creating a new ecosystem!

Pay 27,50 € instead of 54,99 € for the first box

Start creating a new planet now!

Get 50% OFF with the code: ANEWPLANET​
Initially only available in Germany
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