Apply what you have already learned in the feel stage—learning by doing. Food is about finding practical and relevant products and/or services for your gestational stage or your child’s age. From online courses and 1-on-1 consultations to baby food, feeding accessories, and many many more!
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Starting Solids

Weaning Specialist | Sarah Packwood | Mompreneur | English

Starting Solids aims to support, educate and empower parents In the quest to find out more about baby feeding, and beyond!

From the UK

Eat Healthy, Sensible Food from the Start

Focus: Responsive feeding and positive relationships with food.

Services: 1-on-1s, courses, meal planning, fussy eater sessions and recipe development.

Target group: Children from 0 to 3 yo.

Keywords: Baby led weaning, first foods, weaning journey, starting solids, weaning baby, weaning, picky eating, picky eaters, fussy eater, fussy toddler, weaning ideas, weaning support, weaning workshop, complementary feeding.

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