Sophia Feliciano

Mom & Recipe Development

Sophia’s recipes introduce a variety of global flavours, spices and aromatics, and colourful produce early on in babyhood. She is the founder of Toothless Connoisseurs, a hub of world inspired, plant based recipes for babies, children, and families, or the toothless to the toothed. Sophia wants to gently challenge the beige and brown kid food scenario by encouraging parents to share the foods they love with their little ones. Food breaks down barriers and brings people together, and by introducing world cuisines, children are more likely to cultivate respect and appreciation for cultures outside their own. Sophia believes that developing a positive food culture within the home is the key to a healthy and diverse relationship with food in childhood. In her home, kid food and adult food are one in the same.


After university, Sophia spent many years writing restaurant reviews and food write ups in both San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California. In LA, Sophia worked for an organic food brokerage which fostered her passion for whole foods and a veggie centric lifestyle. She’s always been a passionate foodie, once working on her own documentary about the world of extra virgin olive oil. Cooking came naturally to her and she honed her craft at the school of life through hands-on experience in her own kitchen and in working with chefs. When it comes to raising an open minded eater, Sophia first considers cookery and the marriage of harmonious flavors and produce over a particular baby feeding method. For her, it’s all about shared culinary experiences and togetherness. It’s about passing down beloved dishes and ingredients to those you love and gathering around the table. This is where little ones learn the art of eating well.

Sophia's Recipes

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