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      Hi there, I have a question… can a give my 6 month old baby yogurt?

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      Andrea Zuluaga

      I have been told that I should avoid spinach before my baby’s first year, is this true?

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      I know that cow’s milk shouldn’t be introduced before the first year oflife, what other alternative could I use to include in some preparations for my 8 month old baby?
      Thank you!

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        Hi Emma,
        Yes, that’s correct!
        The first year of life breast milk and/or infant formula should be a baby’s main source of nutrients. Offering other milk sources such as cow’s milk can displace the breast milk or formula and thus result in a lack of nutritional intake. Cow’s milk is also a poor source of iron and contains proteins that are difficult for infants of this age to digest. However, using small amounts in some recipe preparations is not harmful to a healthy baby.

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        Hi Andrea,
        you have probably heard that they should be avoided due to the nitrate content, as these can affect blood oxygenation levels causing methemoglobinemia in infants. While this is true, the amounts needed to cause harm are often very high. The water used to prepare infant formulas is often one of the most reported sources of this condition in infants.
        Spinach is an excellent source of nutrients and contains good amounts of iron. Occasional intake of this food does not represent a risk for infants who are starting complementary feeding (around 6 months of age) and on the opposite, it can provide a great variety of nutrients.

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      Hi Agnes,
      the answer is yes! Different international organizations recommend the introduction of dairy products from the beginning of complementary feeding (around 6 months of age).
      However, remember that breast milk and/or infant formula will continue to be the main source of dairy for babies during their first year of life.

      Yogurt certainly provides a wide variety of nutrients (protein, calcium, vitamins, probiotics, etc.), but at the same time contains low levels of iron. This is why it is important to ensure the supply of this important nutrient with other food sources.
      If you decide to offer yogurt to your baby, it should be full fat, plain, unsweetened and pasteurized.

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